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Why People Like Us?

Inbecilloque elegans errorem concedo etsi electram.

Why RentNow

Stable Workshop

The annual production capacity: 8,000 DC chargers & 60,000 AC chargers

Mature production base

The manufacture base covers an area of 13,000 square meters.
Strict quality control.

Professional laboratory

First-class R&D laboratory.
Strong R&D team.

AC EV Charger Workshop

200+ daily production capacity.
40 AC EV charger production staff.
4 Production lines.

DC EV Charger Workshop

3 Production lines.
60 DC EV charger production staff.
25+ Daily production capacity.

Proven trading experience

35+ Country customers.
Meet various national standards.
Professional service and support.

Full model coverage

Covering the full range of vehicles from small cars to large buses.

Australian Team Support

Professional technical team in Australia & Rich experience in maintenance of charging piles.

Popular Chargers

Charging posts exclusively for the Australian market.

Most Popular Charges

PEVC2107E (3.7kW 7.4kW)

PEVC2107 series is an economy & flexible configuration with high cost-effective EV Charger

  • Compact and Fashionable design
  • Easy Use
  • Safety and protection
  • Innovation

PEVC2201E (11kW 22kW)

PEVC2201E sereis is a high-standard which has passed the most strict TUV standard tests EV Charger

  • Reliable
  • Easy Operation
  • Safety and protection
  • Innovation

PEVC3401E (30kW)

PEVC3401E series is an economy & space saving and high cost-effective DC Charger

  • High efficiency
  • Excellent adaptability
  • Intelligent control
  • Safety and protection

PEVC3108E (120kW - 480kW)

PEVC3108E series is a ultra fast DC Charger, With it’s up to 240kW power can provide ultra fast charging service to EVs, the proffesional TUV tests standard is another confidence guarantee to our EV Charger users

  • High efficiency
  • Excellent adaptability
  • Intelligent control
  • Safety and protection
  • Reliable


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News & Updates

Update on activities and cooperation.

News & Updates